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Breloom Shiny Sprite

shinykidwithdoll copy
New addition to my customs! 
LJ friends get to see it first since I'm waiting on more items to come in for an update. 
This one I made myself, I had two browns to choose from but I really liked the orange-y brown more, the other brown was too dark and it didn't really pop or look any different from normal Emonga. This one you know its shiny and its very bright.
Like a canvas plush. *u*

While working on this, I actually took the time to make a pattern, so I maaaay or may not make another one to auction off to one of you special Emonga collectors.....
Here are my glider twins from my pokemon game come to life! ;u; 

I haven't posted here in awhile....life keeps getting in the way. I'll try to update more.