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Slaking Kong

Oh the collecting game, why must it torment me?

I freaked out that I finally saw what the AG Slaking Retsuden stamp looked like today, it was in a sales post even but it was snatched away in seconds...if only it was being put up for auction. ;A;
I would of paid $20+ for that damn stamper.  It sold for ONLY $4 bux.... =_=
Well, I guess I'm happy that I have a photo of it to put on my want page.....

Curse these AG stampers.....

*Me at work right now*


;-; Again, I'm really sorry it had to end up like this. I truly do admire your collections and the last thing I wanted to do was hinder them. But I am a fairly dedicated AG Stamp collector which is why I pounced on it. If it would make you feel any better, I would have gladly paid $30-40 for it--Slaking, along with Swampert, Sceptile, etc are my top wants as far as Retsudens go.

Any rate, there probably isn't much I can say to make you feel better so I'll just leave it at I'm sorry. If I ever do need to weed it from my collection you'll be the first and only person I contact, promise. And if you would like some better images of it, I would be happy to take some when it arrives.