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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


~Shiny Eevee Pokedoll~
*5 Inches
*Minky/Soft Minky
*Embroidery Features
*Hand Sewn




Yay, another Eevee down. This one was hard to work with for how simple Eevee is. That ring of fur around its neck was extremely hard to get around its head and even awkward to sew the seams with it bouncing in the way. XD I love how soft it is and I'm glad the smile came out alright. 

You can't really tell but Shiny Eevee has white embroidery little paw pads. Eevee seems to have chubbier legs than his evolutions in Pokedoll form. I never noticed that. 

Here it is with my minky Flareon. <3 I never realized how small its Pokedoll was compared to its evolutions. That's pretty cool. c: 

Taking a break from the Vee's and making a shiny Virizion next! 



Oh I just love his body pattern! You're so amazing with four-legged critters!
Thanks! I used to hate doing four legged patterns but I think I've figured out a good process of how to make them now. Without making them too long or fat. Now if only I can do the same with my sitting patterns. <3