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Mienshao Shiny


A little project for myself before I go back and start on my pokedoll. Its a shiny Mienshao MPC.
I've told myself that I wanted a shiny variant of her MPC ever since it first released. It wasn't too difficult, just sewn new pants, sleeves and tail. c: For some reason, the tips of her whiskers look black when they're actually a dark purple. I think I need to retake more photos when the lighting is better. :/


Next up, shiny Mew. 



MEW!? MEW? Shiney mew?? Was it for someone else?? OoO
I'll be making a shiny Mew Pokedoll next. It will be put up for auction in my August batch sometime in the next few days. c:
Gack!! I am excited to seeee!!! Will you have a BIN price on it? If so, are you gonna impliment BIN cancelation when bids are placed?? I just wanna be prepared, in case I battle for your mewling!! >v>'