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Slakoth !!! Pokedoll

So, I'm not completely done with my eevee pokedolls yet but I am thinking ahead for the others I plan to do, one being shiny Charizard. 

I'm unsure what color minky to use for his shiny. 

A lot of custom plush I see of him is black, just full blown pitch black yet his sprite is a darker grey-ish color. 

What should I go for? Originally the colors of the sprite above, darkish grey or the black as night minky?
 On the one side, black minky does make him look really cool but then the darker grey would make his seams easier to see as full on black plush are a pain to take photos of. 



charcoal grey~
I think something close to umbreon canvas colour would be best :) so "charcoal gray", like ambertdd said!

Also, I never got around to telling you how VERY MUCH I love your PT layout. Oh my gosh. They are just beautiful! My only real complaint is that some of them don't seem to have compressed very well - Weavile in particular. But otherwise <33333333 (dat mienshao!)

*drive-by comment*

While the sprite is dark grey, the official sugimori art has him a few shades darker, bordering on black. I think the lighting is what makes him Grey? IDK It's really up to you, though! I know the Kid makes him look almost BLUE which is just weird lol

Re: *drive-by comment*

I seen that clearfile of the shiny zard and it does look darker but as the shadow goes down his body his back claws aren't even visible. So I think its just the lighting/time of day in the picture. You seem to be the Charizard expert so I'm not sure which is official or which fabric to use. I just hope if I did use the grey people would actually bid on it or say "HEY! THATS THE WRONG COLOR!"