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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

*5 inches
*Embroidery Features
*Hand Sewn


This one was a fun one but Espeon has such an odd body pattern, it took me a couple tries to get that sitting pose just right. I'm glad I finally got it because I'll be doing the same thing again for Umbreon. lol Like its normal variant, shiny Espeon is very top heavy and needs a friend to prop itself up. It was very difficult to take photos of the shiny because of it. Haha. 



Next up, Shiny Vaporeon.


I think this one turned out extra good. :3
Thank youuuu! This one gave me some trouble but I'm glad about the turn out.
She looks so soft! ;o;
You're pumping these out like a machine Tara.. I wish I could work as hard and fast as you but I'm just a big Slowpoke. XD

Also is that celery minky by chance?
Thanks! I'm trying to get all the eevee's done by the end of the month! :3 I just have two more. If only Glaceon/Leafeon had more distinct shiny's. I'd totally make them.

I think it was "Kiwi" minky. c: I used it for both Espeon and Jolteon.
Hey, just wondering, is this still for sale? I think I missed it but I reeally want it :x