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Weavile Shadowball

*5 Inches
*Embroidery Features
*Hand Sewn

shinycharizardfront  shinycharizardside   shinycharizardback
I really like the dark grey color for his fur, I feel its what the Pokemon Center would use for his fabrics and his black eyes and mouth stand out so well. Thanks to everyone who commented before!


Kissy kissy~

I'm waiting on some minky for shiny Vaporeon so I'll get back to my Vee's once I get it in the mail.
For now, enjoy some flying types.



Shiny Charizard is your best one yet...:D
will you be auctioning it at all?

I would love one like that for real!!
Yup! He will be up for auction sometime this month or next month on pkmncollectors. ^-^
I'll be on the look out!! ^_^

BTW I sent the second payment for shiny virizion earlier. Did you get it?

Plz let me know

Thanks =]
Yes I did! I'll be sure to ship it out soon! :DDD

Once I finish my last two shiny eevee's I'll put up shiny zard soon after. ^-^
I recently put Shiny Zard up for auction. <3

The link to the auction is found here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13240588.html#t430444300
its the only competed one :(

Can I offer you $200 for the BIN? I want this plush badly, but $300 is too much :(

Plz let me know

I will take your BIN of $200 but could you post a comment with "$200" on the bidding thread over on the auction? To let people know you are binning it? :3 Thank you!