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Welcome to my want list!

I'm always on the look-out for new additions to my collection and this page acts as an easy reference point for those sought-after pieces!
If you have any of the items listed here (or perhaps ones which aren't) and are looking to sell, feel free to leave me a comment with the details!
Please bare in mind however that there is no guarantee I'll make a purchase. Money can be tight and I'm finnicky when it comes to condition, though there could be other unspecified reasons why I turn down your offer. Please respect this. :]

~Pokemon I Collect~

High Priority: 

I'm serious about collecting these guys! I want to have every piece of merch for everyone below. Official, flat, figure, custom, ext. 
Chances are if you have something I don't, I'm interested!

High Side Collections

With this bunch, I'd like to collect every figure and plush and stay clear of too many flats.
 I'll be very selected when it comes to certain items this lot has to offer. 

Medium Side Collections

I'm selective with these Pokes but likely to be interested in what's for offer!

Low Priority:

I only collect the odd pieces of merchandise for this lot
 (so they're only worthy of small sprites!) and it depends on price and quality. Try me!

I'm actively searching for these and am willing to pay a substantial amount.
Please contact me if you have any for sale!

*Torkoal Zukan
*Corphish Zukan
*Flygon line zukan set

Not in a real hurry to get these, just waiting for the right time and price.I want them complete. 

*Blaziken line zukan set
*Blaziken solo zukan

I'm just after the Charmander piece alone.

Clear Kids:

I am looking diligently for ANY of these clear kids! If you are selling one or know where I can find these please let me know. I'm also after an attack clear Crobat clear kid and attack clear Zigzagoon kid! 

Emolga Pink Foam Stamp

Emolga Paper Mask

Emolga Bath Soap Figure

Toy Factory Emolga Plush (All sizes)

Sneasel Special Pose Tomy

Luxray Marble Shooter

Attack Absol Figure

Canvas Buizel Plush

May Keychain w/Flygon Or Torchic

May Megablock

May's Bandana

Unreleased Wants

I <3 Eevee Plush Keychains

DX Banpresto Jolteon + Flareon Plush Nov

Team Rocket "Chibi Kyun Chara" Figures 2013

Charizard "Chibi Kyun Chara" Figure 2013

Finding a pan sticker for every member of my team would be great but I would love to get one of every existing pan sticker for the sloths and shrooms. I'd also like to get those "Vs. battle cards" for Slakoth, Slaking, Vigoroth, Shroomish and Breloom. I know I seen them in sales posts but just can't remember which ones! Let me know if you have them! 

*Zigzagoon plush

My Pokemon Collection Plush

2013 Sets



Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking, Emonga, Mienshao, Mienfoo and Shroomish Settei

I've seen sooo many 3rd gen settei auctions up with no trace of these lines! I would be happy with just a photo for them but even that is a long shot!

AG Slakoth and Slaking Retsuden Stamps

FFFFFFFF These are literally becoming holy grails, they are sooooo hard to come by. Why must gen 3 stamps be this hard to fiiiiind?! 
I've only ever seen a photo of Slakoth but he was in a lot on Y!J that I missed out on. ;3;  These are pretty much the last things I need for their collection.

Oh, how gorgeous they are...;A; Please come to me my babies....

Slakoth AG Metal Figure Variations

 recently found out Slakoth has a AG metal figure! I was SO lucky to get the one I have but now I'm after the remaining four color variations. I'll be using Plusle, Minun and Gulpin as color examples. These will be the toughest set to complete in my collection.....and probably one of the last major none flat items I'll need. 

Dark Grey   Gold       Bronze      Silver

May's Wishmaker

Year: 2003
 This piece has a back as well as a front with replicated designs of the original wishmaker in the movie. The pieces do not bend. I believe this item was only sold by movie theatres that showed the 6th Pokemon movie (In Japan of course). I would like to find this new with back packaging. 

Official Promotional Shroomish Statue 

My all time Shroomy Holy Grail! This was displayed during Pokemon's 10th anniversary day. During the event they had games, guys in pokemon suits and of course, these statues that you would find all around the festivities. I know its a long shot to find this one, heck, all my holy grails are long shots but I'm serious about trying to track it down. Just look at that happy little toadstool! And he looks to be life size! I WANT IT!  Help me on my quest to find this statue! Let me know if you have any info on his whereabouts. 

My collection site version of my Wants can be located once clicking the banner above!
Let me know if you have ANYTHING, I will likely buy!

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