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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Don't mind me, just doing some fixes for my LJ links!

I've finally fixed my available links located (at all times) above my LJ entries.
I've changed the link to my "Lugia" plush gallery button WITH an actual plush gallery. XD "Luxray" plush terms button has been fixed with a new set of rules and "Absol" Feedback button has been switched to my pkmncollectors feedback page. c: Easier access for everyone. 

You may all have noticed I recreated my WANT list from my site here on my LJ? Well, I never ever get any emails from passerby's letting me know if they have an item from my list. So, I thought a LJ version of it where people can go to comment would be easier/better/ to talk/trade/get a hold of some of these items. Thus, I added a new WANT button on the top of my LJ as well! 
I hope I see better results doing it this way. ^-^