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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Man oh man, Pokemon Center...please....give me a break so I can recuperate from all your unannounced out of the blue promotions. Its one right after another. 

This is pretty much a guide for me to keep up with what's coming out each month until next year. I still feel like I'm forgetting something though. And those Eeevee's!!! I remember years past the chaos with the canvas's and the pokedolls but THIS this is ridiculous. There is something new for them like every month till April! X-X When do the Tomy and Plush Assortment plush come out? And am I missing any other Vee promotion that they flung at us? Let me know so I can update this list. I missed out on the canvas and the pokedolls, so I really want to get some of the major figures and plush that are coming out this/next year.
This will be my first Vee promotion. 

Blue Preorder.

*Team Rocket Kyun Character Lottery Figures-Now
*Dot Sprite Charms-September 29
*Samurott/Dragonite Zukan-October 30th

*I <3 Eeveelution Keychain Plush - Eevee, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Leafeon: October 
*Pkmn Time Plush Gengar, Growlithe-October 27th
*I <3 Eeveelution Keychain Plush - Jolteon, Espeon, Glaceon, Flareon: November
* Pkmn Center Eeveelution Tomy Plush-Nov 30th
*Pkmn Center "Eevee Plush Assortment"-?
*"Many Eevee Collection" Figures-December

* I <3 Eeveelution DX Flareon/Jolteon January
*Kyun Character Jolteon/Flareon/Vaporeon/Charizard February
* I <3 Eveelution DX Plush - Glaceon, Leafeon: February
* I <3 Eeveelution "Sitting" Plush-- Eevee, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon: March
* I <3 Eeveelution DX Plush - Espeon, Umbreon: March
* I <3 Eeveelution "Sitting" Plush - Flareon, Jolteon, Glaceon, Leafeon: April
* I <3 Eeveelution DX Plush - Vaporeon, Eevee: April
*Whimsicott MPC-?

I know for a fact that pokecen will surprise us with even MORE random promotions by the end of the year. I feel like they'll release some new pokedolls (or I'm hoping they do), or an out of no where campaign or themed promotion that I'll probably buy from. I'm not sure what Pokedolls they'll release. Maybe a normal DX Kyurem pokedoll might be randomly released with the other two Kyurems. Or something. I was taken back but really happy for the re-release of the Lugia Pokedoll. I wish ONE of these random promotions would feature pokemon I collect. It feels like they're really picking random under appreciated pokeys lately. It gives me hope. 

May Arceus have mercy on our wallets this holiday......


If it helps, Chibi Kyun Chara vol. 1 (Eevee/Jolteon/Flareon/Vaporeon) comes out in February. ^^ And I think they may have more Team Rocket re-releases next year (although still lottery as opposed to direct arcade).
I wrote the Kyun Chara eevee's come out February but I didn't know the Team Rocket re-releases next year would also be lottery prizes. X[ That's why I haven't bought them yet thinking they'd get a public release next year.
Oooh, must have missed that in your post. XD I'm actually hoping they'd be public releases too (missing a James here), although the official word is still that there'd be 'Ichiban Kuji' releases alongside the wide arcade releases next year and I'm guessing the humans would remain Lottery prizes.
Eek, I know exactly how you feel!!! xD I think I've spent $200 at Sunyshore this past month, and I have plans to buy more! So happy, but so poor xD Gotta pull in some extra income, finish all these dumb wip projects I've got layin' around!
I know! This whole Pkmn time I just thought of you! I can totally believe spending the $200 XD Gah. Its all very exciting but usually we have "mini" breaks to hold us over, haha.
Lawl don't even get me started. This month's poketime came to $370 (shipped) and I kinda want one of those kyurem pokedolls, too...and of course, there's still next month OH GAWD. Pokemon BW2 is next month. Owies o_0
Still, you'll be paying a lot of individual shipping, and that can also be a real drain :/

Oh man, the game comes out so soon. XD I almost forgot!

Yes! I really don't mind paying for all this amazing stuff but the shipping does add up in time. Even if I do get most of it in bundles. X-x

I caved and got a kyurem, I regretted not getting a Reshi when they came out cuz I couldn't find one since for a good price. I was lucky enough to win one in a GA.

I hope you get "somewhat" of a break the next few months, hitting almost $400 can take a lot outta you. <3