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        Aaaah! We had the best crew meeting ever today! Our first episode came back from being animated! It's such an incredible feeling to see your hard work, drawings and all the crews effort up on the big screen. I've always worked in development, so most of the stuff I've worked on never gotten passed the approval stage, let alone the animated stage. It's one of the most rewarding feelings in the world and I can't wait to announce what this secret project is in the future. Eeeeeeeeee! So close!        
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Ahhh, that sounds amazing!! Where exactly do you work?? Disney TV or something? I'm so envious of you :'D Looking forward to hearing more about it!!
I work in Disney TVA as a character designer. ^^ I've been there since Gravity Falls pilot was being made, haha. It was so cool seeing them start to seeing the final project now and how insanely popular its gotten. Soon that will be my crew and I can't wait! It'll probably be next year before we see or hear anything for it though. X3
Ehhhh!!! Did you actually work on gravity falls at all?! I love gravity falls like no body's business. It's my new favorite cartoon pretty much!! It's so exciting to see these great ideas coming out :)

I'm really excited to hear about your crew's project :) What a fantastic job you have! <3
Nah, I was in development at the time but now my cube sits right next to most of the gravity falls crew. I know Alex and a bunch of my friends work on the show, so I get to see a lot of the fun sometimes. c:

Time will go fast and then I can finally say something about it. :X
:) Wow. Ahhhh it sounds fun! I hope to someday be a storyboard artist or something in the industry and askljfsakjg I get feels just hearing you talk about your job. <3