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Lugia Real

Heres some more shots of Rainbow series themed Sparky I showed off in my auction. Made for  xclairxaudenx for an item trade.
I guess no one thought I made it since I didn't get any comments about him in my auction XD 


Sparky is made completely out of minky, has embroidery details on his face, is completely handsewn AND he measures to 11 inches tall! Hes one of my biggest plushies to date! Check out the size difference from my pokedolls:

Same size as DX pika just not as fat XD

Sparky is based on the Pikachu World Rainbow series that just came out at the Japan Pokemon Center. I really loved the different styled plush, with their cool poses and cute slightly different faces. I wanted to do that for Sparky. :D

The side views look like completely different plush XD

Here's a closeup of his little feeties, I had fun sewing those and his tail!

This is the first and only Sparky plush out there since he doesn't have an official one yet and no one has made him! One of a kind!
I'm really glad I could do this for xclairxaudenx.





I love how you did his feet and bangs! Unique pose as well. C: