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Pokemon Time

l got my huge box from SunyShore yesterday! Including my Pkmn Time haul! I got a Gengar/Charizard/Growlithe charm and ended up getting a Growlithe bookmark with my Growlithe and a Gengar with my Gengar. XDDD Dragonair broke my chain. I'd really love to get the patterned Gengar bookmark. :3 Though, I'm happy with the ones I got! I was opening these while Zach was picking me up and now he wants me to get him his own Pkmn Time Gengar for his iPhone. He loves Gengar with his tongue sticking out.
At least I'll get another chance at a bookmark since he doesn't want it. :3 But he has to wait until Gin gets back so he can just admire mine for the time being. XD