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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

I'm so excited about the new merch coming out next month! I'm usually not into the Eevee's but seeing as I missed out the last couple years with the pokedolls/canvas, I thought I'd be on my game with them this year. Sucks for me that they don't get just one crazy promotion but like.....7 of them. I'm not even mad. XD

I'm already on a waiting list for the kyun figure set from Larvitarscar, the sitting tomy plush set and "Many Eevee Collection" figures from Gin. My local shop has me down for EVERY Eevee banpresto plush coming out this and the following year. And I'm definitely on the lookout for Gin's standing Tomy preorder post. I think I'm doing pretty well with these so far. :3 They haven't gave me  as much anxiety or frustration as I thought they would. Besides the Vee's I don't really have much to look forward to within my own lines. So I'm really happy about this promotion. 

But to make my life easier I've added a new page on site allowing me to remember all these promotions, what I have coming in and it will make it easier to remember who I need to leave feedback for. 

Say hello to the new COMING SOON! page of SlothyShroom.

I will update non stop and it makes it so much easier to pay/remember when things are coming out and see all my upcoming gets. I feel so organized and what a great way to get rid of that blank OTHER page I had on my site forever.