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So my solo gallery art show is in less than a month! D:
I finally gotten my manufactured plush in and now I have two gigantic boxes filled with 500 plush each!....
I totally know how Gin feels after seeing this. x_x
My life is seriously crazy right now! This plus work at Disney. Holy balls this will be hard. It's overwhelming to see my own creations in such a gigantic number. I was literally swimming in them when I placed a few bags on my bed. And I can't believe I'm getting a REAL sloth for my show. This is going to be incredible...

Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 1.51.27 PM

Things I gotta do before the show:
*Tag all plush
*Make gigantic Sloth custom plush
*Make 3 small custom sloth plush -plush green/red/pink
*Digital prints made
*Finish all my pieces traditionally in time. 
*Plan music list for show
*Get custom made themed cupcakes for reception

Oh boy, I hope I can do it......




When:November 17th-December 8th 2012
Opening Reception: November 17th @ 7pm-10pm
Where: QPop Shop
128 Astronaut E S Onizuka Street  Los Angeles, CA 90012


Thats right, Lola the Sloth will be coming to my art show for the opening reception courtesy of "The Wild Life Learning Center". She'll be accompanied by Tammy, who will allow you special guests to pet Lola and learn more about the Sloth species with fun facts and trivia! Lola will be hard at work being cute so leaving a donation would really help her out!

If you want to learn more about Lola and the Wild Life Learning Center please check out their site!

There will be original artwork, music, toys and of course my exclusive plush up for purchase at Qpop! 

If anyone from my LJ list would like a chance to win a free plush be sure to check my:

~DeviantART plush Giveaway~

~Tumblr plush Giveaway~

More soon.

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