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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Art Commision Details~




Each piece will be $20 each. These are remarkably cheap compared to other commissions I do.
Take advantage of this offer!


More Examples:

These are about 6 1/2 inches tall. (An ideal size for collections as told by the community)

Here they are with Monroe, my Absol kid and Bellyflop my Floatzel kid for size comparison.

I can do shiny Pokemon and add any accessories or markings you wish. If they have a certain personality or gender feel free to tell me that too. 

I can also do Pokemon Lines but it will be an extra $2. Or if you just have two favorite pokeys you'd like to see together whatever lol. My limit on these are 3 pokemon per piece unless they are small pokemon. I just want to make sure they will fit.

So, $2 extra if you want 2 pokemon or more to clear things up.

This  will be a finished looking piece done with a prisma colored Markers, ink brush pens, colored pencil and gel pen. They are drawn on hard illustration board.

This is a rare opportunity to own a Tara Billinger Original, as I am not doing any other type of commission at the moment!

Last minute spots~
Will open if there are still people interested after the 10 spots are used up. I will have two extra spots for auction once this set fills up. They will get a spot in the next round once i finish.
These will be shipped to you and will be an awesome addition to any ones collections!
Shipping is $2 to US. And $5 for  international shipping.
These will take quite a bit of time to do but I will be sure to post an update whenever possible. So please be patient.
 I take PAYPAL only.

Thanks for looking and having an interest in my artwork! It feels really great to know the community supports my art and plush work. ^_^

Thanks for looking and I can't wait to see what I get to draw next!





Hey there, are your slots still open? <333
Yup! Theres still 4 spots left so, plenty. :D I'll mark you down for one but if your okay with waiting until August 30th for me to start on it I'll mark you down. *Im currently on vacation* <3
Alrighty!! ^u^ How much would a Mijumaru cost shipped to Japan, just $22? *Is leaving for Japan on August 30th*

Also, atm I'm kinda undecided on whether or not I should get just a regular miju or Miju Marston (my cowboy miju <333), so I'll get back to you within a day or two about that. If I did choose to get Miju Marston, would it affect the price at all? He wears a cowboy hat, and I know for him I'd want an old west-style background.

Apologies for the wall of text! ^^;;
You have time to think about it lol We dont have to worry about pricing until I return since its really hard for me to check my messages and I dont want to forget XD You have plenty of time to pick which you'd like and both are doable of course. :3

Alrighty then, I'll just think about it for now and get back to you later <3 Have a great vacation!! ^u^
OKAY, after finishing up a few animation tasks that just needed taking care of, I'm finally able to get back on art commissions. Phew! Let me know if your still interested along with stating what you would want and then I can give ya a total! :D
Oh gosh, sorry for the late reply!! ;O;

Anyway, YES I am still very much interested in getting a piece from you! Could I possibly get a Miju Marston, with a sly look on his face, on a Western background (like desert and stuff, needs some cactus, though). Everything else I'm leaving to you <333 Does that sound alright?

And shipping would be to Japan <3
I can so do that western bg and sly face. So pretty much you want some type of mining Miju? Or cowboy Miju? With accessories like a hat and the such? Just making sure your exact wants.

Other than that, your total would be:

$20(piece)+$5(Shipping)+$1(paypal fee)=$26 to

Be sure to put your username and what you've purchased in the memo as its truly helpful. :D
Cowboy Miju. Here are the refs:



Just like those two, only with a sly look, but still cute-ish. <33

And payment has been sent!! ^u^ Thank you so much!!! ;U;
Yes! I will be notifying everyone on the list for payments sometime tonight/early tomorrow. If you want I can mark you down for a spot on the list. <3
Cool! For starters, what would you like? And let me know if you want certain poses, personalities, colors, BGs? Anything, I like asking commissioners before I start. :3

And if your US/International and I can whip you up a total! :D
Sounds great! I can totally do that <3 It would be

$20(piece)+$5(shipping)+$1(Paypal fee)=$26 to

Please be sure to put your username and who you asked for in the memo!

Btw, would you want me to draw Psyduck with a tie and the such to make him more fatherly? lol
OKAY, after finishing up a few animation tasks that just needed taking care of, I'm finally able to get back on art commissions. Phew! Let me know if your still interested along with stating what you would want and then I can give ya a total! :D
Are your art commissions open, or no? I can't remember if you are or not, forgive me if you are closed!! ^^;;

Just in case (and for future reference) what would the quotes be for the following to Japan:

-Mijumaru, Futachimaru, and Daikenki, possibly all using Shell Blade. If that's too difficult, then just a pic of them is fine.
-Shiny and normal Hitomoshi

Thankies!! ^u^
Hey there. :3 I can do either commission if your still interested. I just hope all 3 of the otters will fit on the canvas. I've been on vacation and need to go get more illustration board, when I head home this Saturday I could pick some up and get back to you. :3
I just have to say your art is gorgeous :o