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Pikachu Want

Screen shot 2012-11-24 at 10.15.25 PM
My dream of having a shroom pillow is finally happening!!!!!
I can't believe how many they're knocking off from my personal request list.




...he's extra grumpy and so tall XD!
I am okay with extra grumpy shroomy. <3333

I'm going to fluff my shroomish hoping he won't look so tall XD I noticed that too. I really happy they decided to make him as well. I hope you can get a hold of one! :D
Honchkrow!? Omg yesssss.

another plush to see if you have BTW :3

if you dont have it, i think i smell christmas!
Oh my god, I've never seen this sloth plush before! The pose is unbearably cute. ;3; They're so accurate too! Its a two toed sloth but all Sloths have three toes on their feet. Usually, people just give plush the same number of toes.
How do you request things from them? I'd love to request a Skuntank or something.
This really gives me hope that i'm definitely going to get one of my guys. XD Congrats on getting your main three!
Aha, I thought of your collection when I saw these guys XD They look really good though! I 100% support ignored Pokes getting plush like this.

Did you request these guys to be made/how long did it take if so? I requested a May doll to be produced like the Ash one they have, hopefully they'll finish it sooner than later :3 I hope they'll have ones of Dawn, Max, Norman etc eventually.