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Slakoth Attack





I will be doing an overview on the plush!
Breloom is on its way, even though I bought them together they can only send off two at a time. 


Oh. My. God.
This. Plush. 

When I opened my parcel I was expecting a cute sloth but I knew it was a bootleg and I didn't want to raise my hopes too high.
But after pulling him out. Holy crap. I was pleasently surprised by the quality! His embroidery is outstanding. Just that mouth.....that perfect little mouth. They could of easily sewn him with a closed smile but no. They gave me my favorite thing. His teeth. Thank you. The face shape of the head is great, everything seems to be even. The stuffing is very squishy and huggable. The only thing I can point at is the embroidery around the eyes is a bright yellow. Rather than a tan brown to go with his eye rings. The photo they took shows it vaguely but the lighting probably wasn't bouncing off of the thread. Its not a bad nitpick or too noticable really. 


The thing I was worried about most was in fact the body shape. In the original picture you can't see most of it. I just hoped for the best and man, are they good. Look! LOOK AT THOSE SPIKED OUT FUR TUFTS! They actually added his fur tufts! I was NOT expecting them to get down that feature. His stripes are goreously sewn btw. Both having three little ridges on each end. His head tuft is spot on too and can easily be brushed up or downward. 

The legs in general were what I was most worried about but they even got that right! The legs are perfect with the size of the head and arms they went with. The head is extra big while his claws are thick, short and chibi. 


The cute little rump. Too bad he's missing his pink little bum but I was sorta expecting them to forget it. Not too many people realise he has one. I love how they actually made him claws, they rounded them off and even sewn thread inbetween them rather than simply sewing two pieces of fabric together. The roundness of them is just too cute. 

The beeeeeeeeelly! They got that part correct. :3 Slakoth is missing his pink pawpads but again, that is a simple feature I was expecting them not to do. The belly makes up for it though. It's weird, one of them came with a fake hang tag while the other didn't. I don't mind since I would of taken it off anyway.

I've been analyzing the plush over and over again. There are no loose threads, the seams are air tight. Theres no stuffing sticking out anywhere AND hes actually really really soft! SO SOFT! I was expecting him to be velboa or something similar but he's made of short minky or something close to it. 


Bringing back the chibi aspect of his pattern, he matches perfectly with the DX Banpresto UFO catcher plush. Here's my Rai for a comparision. They are about the same size and look awesome together.

Here he is with my Emonga pokedoll. Pretty big but not TOO big. Just right. Yes. 

My final verdict: He is perhaps the best bootie plush I ever owned and I'm not just saying that because it's Slakoth. The quality totally blew my expectations away and I'm very picky when it comes to my plush. I really do adore him and totally approve on it being his first ever bootie.Though, the bootie aspect goes over my head since it feels like he was made just for me. Well, he sorta was...hehe. But his pattern is unique and I'm really happy people besides myself can go out and buy one. It doesn't make me lose hope that someday the Pokemon Company will eventually make a new official plush for this guy. Phew, that was lengthy, It so awesome I can talk about a Slakoth plush. Just. Just let me have this. o_o

I won't post this review up on pkmncollectors since I don't want to promote a bootleg seller. I feel it wouldn't be right yet it should in this case? If that makes sense. Whenever I do a new update I'll just feature them in the background or something lol

AUUUGH. I'm overly excited to have gotten these plush and It'll just get better and better since Breloom and Shroomish are on their way. *u* They'll be next to review, I also hope my next package is my Eevee box. I'm still excited about those too. <3



"Look here and be amazed!"

He's just perfection, isn't he? And his shape makes him look perfect for hugging. I just...wow. Seriously, wow!

Thanks so much for sharing! Do....do you mind if I ask which seller you sent your request to? I think I have a poké or two I'd like to suggest after all ^-^; (Numel would be awesome, y/y?) I only ask because there are couple or sellers selling the the sloths and shrooms, and I'm not sure if they are all the same persons.

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Holymoleywhoah 8U

That Slakoth is waaaay too cute wow. Adorable size and it looks super soft and cuddly ;v;

Who is making these and can I request birds because maaaaan if I could have a Xatu I would be one happy birdie.

p.s. in in my White 2 I have a Vigoroth named Tara because there is only one person I associate with sloths when they appear in my game :U
Really digging those tufts! Nice seeing some creativity put into them. I hope they make May soon, too.