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I still can't get over Moki, I can't belive he's been gone for over a month now....that he's gone in general. The holidays are making me miss him even more and its bad enough we have the same birthday. Which is coming up on the 20th. I know I'll end up crying that day. We usually give him a little dog cupcake with a candle in it to celebrate. I still feel like making one anyway...My mom keeps calling his name in a room only to find out hes not there. It pains me. I'm going home to see him in two weeks. I haven't seen what his yern looks like since I purchased it for my mom. I'll be keeping his collar though. I can't wait to get that.

It just feels like my family is deteriating and I have very little family as it is. Moki is gone, my sister is so fragile, my mom is barely getting by since she can't walk and my brother might not make it from his cancer...

This Christmas will feel very empty. I have to try to make it up to my mom and sister so they don't think too much about the bad. I gotta show them a good Christmas. I gotta pull it off somehow.

Tags: moki, rant
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