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Pikachu Want

It's my Birthday!!!!

Tara has evolved to level 24!

I still can't believe how time flies

My boyfriend Zach, promised to take me to the Nintendo store where I can get an american 1:1 Emolga. Along with many others as a treat. 

I really have to get used to the cold. It's just plain freezing in New York. My body is so used to warm California weather. Brrrrrrrr. Time to wear a thousand layers so that all the New Yorkers can point and laugh at me making remarks on how much I am a tourist

Not too many people can come to my Bday dinner but its okay. I'm used to my bday being too close to the holidays for extravagant parties. I'm lucky to just have Zach.

I'll be sure to update more at the end of the day!


Happy Birthday! ^^
Happy birthday Tara~! :D
I've spent the last 3 mid Decembers in California.. and I didn't even need a blanket when sleeping sometimes.

I wonder how much worse NY is than Canada in terms of temperature. I'm sure you'll be fine though, no one will make fun of you. XD

Even here at home I wear the same thing that people in mid Canada wear (where it gets way colder, -55 basically). BC is apparently a fairly mild province to live in, but I would beg to differ. LOL

Looking forward to seeing photos if you end up taking them! ^^
Happy birthday!! And sorry it took so long to sell te settie;;;
But in a good timing :3 hehe
Hope you are the happiest girl in the word^___^/
Happy Birthday, enjoy New York, and I'm sure the New Yorkers are used to tourist, I was like that years ago and no one laughed at me ;)
Happy Birthday!! Enjoy Nintendo World ♥