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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Yehehehe Welp, I just bought my items for my Pkmncollector Valentines gift. :3 I think I went a little over board since I gone over the $15 limit and I still haven't made a custom thing for it yet which I was origanlly planning to do. This is just soooo fun. I wish I considered doing it last year. I can't remember why I didn't during the time.

How's everyones shopping coming along for their pkmn Valentine's this year? Is your person easy to shop for or are you stuck?

Now, I'm just holding on to my parcel waiting for it to get closer to the shipping date to send it out. :3 I can't wait to find out who my person is!

February is just around the corner....



I decided to make mine a custom! :D
Can't really reveal yet for obvious reasons.. I am excited to see what everyone else has made for their secret valentines, I have a lot of artists on my f-list. ^_^

It's so much easier to make a custom than to hunt merchandise down, especially for someone who already owns most of the merchandise. We're lucky our skills make us so versatile!
I'm planning to make a chibi custom for it since I spent so much already. :3 Haha, and of course I won't be revealing who I got. It really is handy to have a custom talent if someone has so many items. c: I'm sure whoever you get will love your sculpture/plush you decide to make for them! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's gifts!
I'm done shopping for my person, I just have to finish drawing the card.

I spent WAY more than I was looking to because the person had rather expensive tastes. <.<

They didn't like flats at all, so I couldn't get them any of those things. They only wanted plush MWT and if it had both a US and japanese version,they ONLY wanted the japanese version.

I only knew how to get one of the things on their entire wishlist- a treecko canvas plush,so I got them that. It was $30. -.-

I got them a cheap piplup kid and strap as well since they liked piplup too. In addition to that I gave them a valentine's bracelet and some candy.

I think my total was around $50. I'm not happy about that but its only once a year and all so eh.

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