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Absol Wind

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 1.56.44 PM

So one of my plush suggestions were made again! :3 It's rather cute! But now that they're making the I LOVE GOTHIC LINE I may wait to purchase this for space sake. Since I really want the Absol from that line. I hope they make the last few I requested though. :3 I'm sure I'd buy those in a heart beat.


Which account are you sending the requests to? :3 I'd like to get a few suggestions in as well.
I think it was the zzzanime one but I can't remember exactly. c:
It takes awhile for them to make these patterns, I asked for this one in August I think. Good luck!
Thanks ^^
Wow this has got to be one of their better ones. I'm actually somewhat impressed! XD

This one looks better than most of the official proportionate ones, and the only thing I have against their plush is the material. It seems slightly lower grade than what we use but I can't complain, I'm just happy that they're making all of our requests!