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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

So its been a few days since we found out about the new "I love Marine" and "I love Gothic" lines and it just now hit me....
...What if they do a normal and grass line?.....Is...is there a slight chance my sloth or shroom babies have a chance to get an official plush? FFFFFFFFF~ Why did you think of this just now brain! AAAH.

So if they DO continue doing these lines for each type, 10 pokemon would be picked for each. Where theres a decent chance they're picking under loved pokemon. *hyperventilates*

The two lines announced are already such amazing sets! Though, not entirely type themed since Gothic line features both ghost and dark. Hmmmm. Finally, an adorable Weavile, a big rolly polly Gengar and Mantine gets an official plush! I just wish Floatzel was picked instead of Buizel. Too maaaany Buizel. I wonder if there'll be other types of promotions like "I <3 Fossils" or "I <3 Baby Pkmn"

I know I'm setting myself up here...considering my selection of pokeys aren't that popular.....but speculating really is exciting when these type featured promotions get thrown out.

So for fun, my picks and what I think will be made for the sets.

Firstly, I really hope they split flying with normal since most of the flying type are normal. That way, more non flying type normals will get a plush. *AHEM* Sloths! It makes more sense to make them two separate promotions considering it is its own type. So I <3 FLYING.

Here's what I got:

My picks-
*Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking NNNNNGHHH!!

What I think they'll end up doing instead: ;^;
*Buneary or Lopunny
My picks:
*Shroomish/Breloom AAAAAH MY HEART!!

What I think they'll end up doing instead: ;^;

I don't know....I'm just speculating...and over thinking everything. If just ONE of my babies can nail a slot in these promotions I will die happy knowing they'll finally have an official plush. Just thinking of that feeling where I'm away from the computer and someone notifies me to look at the comm. When I know one of my pokeys is released and all anyone can think of is me when they see it. I'm ready for that moment.
But if not, I hope the sentret/linoone line get a slot. Or any of my other side collections. I'll shut up...its just me being dumb lol


Hm? There's gonna be ten plush for Marine/Gothic? I've only heard about the five pictured :o I hope there is a I ♥ Puppies promotion or something xD
In the photos I saw for Marine:Piplup/Shello Blue/Shello Pink/Slowking/Buizel/Mantine/Wailord/Lapras/Manaphy

For I love Gothic I saw:
Umbreon/Espeon/Bannette/Absol/Weavile/Gengar/Croagunk/Litwick/Chandelure/ Zorua

I hope these themes aren't just type themed. :3
Its probably just a distant dream,but I am hoping that more I <3 Gothic sets will come out and one will have mightyena and/or honchkrow!

It would be nice to just even see another Poochyena as well.
I actually had to do a double take on someone's post for the I <3 Marine promo - there's apparently going to be a Slowking too!
I wonder how these guys will be sold (crane games or PC?).

You might be onto something with your predictions on what they'll actually release.. everything seems fairly standard, nothing too obscure being released. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, though! <3
Yes! Slakoth and Heatmor could be featured. I'm curious who else.