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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Buuuuuh. I'm soooo bored with collecting right now.
Something happen already!

There's no new promotions that are catching my interest.
Yes, I'll be trying to get a hold of those Vee items but those are easily obtainable and nothing I'm truly excited about.

There's nothing new for XY....show us something! Anything! Give me something to chew on for a couple weeks so it can keep me busy. XD

I'm at the point where I'm making hard to find items I wouldn't normally collect for my pokemon a priority. Just for the sake of the hunt. Clear kids, Luxray, Zigzagoon Ext. Customs are becoming my biggest purchases lately.

I want a new random promotion to pop at the center. I want a new image of the next zukan set, a new pokedoll lineup or the next image for a kid set. I want something that isn't Vee. I'm really frustrated that gen5 isn't getting too much. There's only 6 months until the next game. I know what's to come for most of the summer and the the beginning of Fall. I like Genesect, Charizard, Mewtwo and the Vees but I don't hardcore collect them enough to care for their upcoming promotions. I like all those type lines/big head plush/ ext that tomy and banpresto are making but theres nothing in them for me until September.

I'm BOOOOOOOOORED and whiny and want to collect an exciting pokemon item again. Or flat out get excited again.
And I still can't decide to get a sitting or standing Zigzagoon pokedoll made...
I guess in the meantime, I can finally post about my giant....


It is quite boring lately, i've honestly been focusing on non-pokemon collections for something to do. <.<;
That's the thing! All my other non pokemon collections are being slow as well. ;3; Hasn't been any new Oswald things in awhile. I'm totally stuck on what I should hunt for. Pokemon! See what you are doing to me?
Ahhhh I totally agree. I want some more XY news! There aren't any super amazing promotions going on and my collection feels so stagnant. The only thing I've received in the last 2 months is my Secret Valentine package. C'mon Pokecenter! Do something spectacular!
They just released the new movie trailer. >:[ But everything in it has already been covered. So, we gotta wait even LONGER for more new stuff. FUUUUU-

Jeez, bone dry for you! I'd go crazy if I had only one parcel coming in the mail for that long. XD Here's hoping they give us a huge explosion of something truly worth waiting for.

Btw, I'm not sure if you seen my entry awhile ago but I featured your Valentine gift on the comm. <333

Oh, wow! I never saw your post. XD I have no idea how I missed it!!! I've been waiting to see if you would post about it but lol that happened already. I'm so glad you liked your gifts! :D <3 I wanted to make something for you but I also wanted to get something that you asked for on your wishlist. :) <3 <3 <3 Happy super belated Valentine's Day, sweetie! <3
I'm bored too. ;_; All I've been doing Pokemon wise is staring at my collection and playing White & White 2. :|
Same here! I've been trying to beat both my versions at this point. XD So bored.

*Dusts off collection*
I know this feeling!! I try to take it as a sign and let my wallet rest though, lol.

I did however just win a prototype jakks Elgyem plush tonight though, so I GUESS that will tie me over for a while!! hahah

Dude I stared and giggled at your zigzagoon pokedoll drawings ;v; I love themmm!! either one you decide to get will be adorable. I love Zigzagoon so much!!
Haha, yeah. I love and hate when there isn't anything new. XD My wallet is happy but the collector in me isn't.

Whoa! A jakks prototype?!?!
I'm after the Emolga jakks figure prototype. Holy grail worthy. *u*

Awww! Thank you! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Everyone shall see what I picked when its made. ;3
It sure has been a dry spell lately, hasn't it? I'm buying so few things that I'm actually having some left over in my spending budget...In the few months before movie Pokedolls hit, can't we please get a few more BW plush, PC?

I also hope that we will get a batch of several new Pokemon soon! I want more things to hype about.
Same here! I was noticing that about my spending budget as well. XD I have a bunch extra than normal. I guess I should be happy? But I'm not. Hahah.

I really hope Mienshao gets some sort of new plush before the next gen. Something that isn't just the MPC. Then I'd be happy. ;3;

We just got the new movie trailer but..still. There's NOTHING. Ugh.