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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

AAAH! I can finally talk about what I've been working on for the past year!

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 12.53.13 PM

Disney has just released the first episode of "Mickey Mouse Shorts", this one is directed by Paul Rudish.
Such amazing people have put so much talent and effort into these shorts and I couldn't be more proud to be involved.

Click the image above to see the first short!


Be sure to visit my tumblr for artwork and goodies!~


this looks so exciting!
I'm so happy to hear that you are on such amazing project :D

My work blocked most of images on tumblr, but I'm sure they are beautiful and wonderful, as always!
Thank you for the support! <333



WOW THAT WAS SO CUTE and good and oh gosh

so amazing, everything all of it you working on it wowww

Yes! I'm a character designer on the show. I can finally get that off my chest. I draw a lot of the special poses for the characters. X3 I'm currently still working on the show. It's crazy they finally announced it! We had no idea they were going to do that we thought it would be later, in June.

There will be 19 episodes starting June 28th!

Btw, I adore your new shiny sentret! I can't believe you made that right now ;^; Paying off some family bizz or I'd totally bid on it. Just wanted to say its amazing.
Wow!! Character designer!! That's so amazing, good job!!!! :D I can't wait to see more, ahhh it's so awesome you get to work on such a cool thing!

Aww, thank you!!! I'm sorry it's not a good time for you finacially to participate in the auction, ffff ;;
That was so cute! I can't wait for more episodes. I LOVE the style. Oh gosh, this is so awesome. I'm so so so happy for you ;~; You're just awesome!
Wah, it's pacman-eyes Mickey! My favorite!!

I want to watch it, but it seems people outside the US aren't cool enough to see it, and I've been searching everywhere for a post with the video not hosted by Disney. ;-;
Thanks! I saw that link last night, but it seemed suspicious to me and I had no time to confirm it (it was already 5am). XD

THAT WAS SO CUTE! The whole short just screams style, it's so pretty! I look forward to seeing the rest. ♥♥