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Slaking Grail

Hey, Im back from vacation. I'll be active on LJ from now on and post frequently.  I also got a paid account, thanks to chronidu <3 I'll be pimping it when I have the time.

You know that feeling when you finally catch a glimpse of your holy grail and you think that its finally in your grasps? Your heart is pumping just viewing the images alone, seeing an item you thought you'd never run into in your life?

Yeeeeeah, that happened to me last night, I finally stumbled upon pictures of one of my holy grails on photobucket. I just have two holy grails. I got in contact with the person who posted the photos which they replied quickly....unfortunately for me, they sold it to someone else who also saw it as a grail! D: I didn't know there was another sloth collector out there. UGH. I was so clooooooooose. Siiiiiiigh. My excruciating search for my sloth continues.

Oh well.
Atleast I have actual pictures of it to make googly eyes at.
Before this, I just had the groundbreaker TFG pamphlet to keep me happy.

Isn't it gorgeous? Its probably my favorite Slaking item ever.
Siiiigh. I will find you someday, Slaking.



Ah, so close ;_;
It's such a cool figure too, of course, most kaiyodo figures tend to be, no? I'm silly and still don't have a Marill TFG XD I think there's a Skarmory too <3<3<3

You will find another one day. I know it ;D
Yeah, maybe someday. Or maybe this person will eventually sell it to me. <v< I was so surprised he even got a TFG figure and they are beautiful. Most of my team got them. Lugia, Raichu, Shroomish, Absol and Slaking. Hes the last I neeeeeed.