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Sylveon Plush

Aaaaaaaaaah, look what I got in the mail a few days ago. (Sorry for bad photo, I was leaving for work at the time) I'll take better shots for my comm post reveal. I was anticipating its arrival and I have no regrets about bid warring on this plush. It's way bigger than I expected. Which I'm pleased about. It's not in any shape of any existing plush. Pokedoll/Tomy/Canvas so it will stand out even if its placed next to other merch of her.  It's adorable and I love the tassels, they're posable.

I was terrified when I found its box in front of my house. It looked like this!:


Waaaaaaah! I knew what it was when I saw it and who was inside. The lid looked like it was trampled during its stay at the post office and they tried to tape it up on the top lid. Yet, you can see inside the box and the bag Slyveon was placed in is visible. For a second, I thought there was nothing in the box due to the box being so light. It was such a scary feeling. This never happened to me before but I'm happy the plush wasn't damaged and arrived in one piece. ^^

I've already pre-ordered all of Sylveon's existing plush, I'm not sure if I SHOULD try to collect her or not. Considering I don't even know what type it is yet. I wouldn't mind if it was normal since I collect a lot of normal types. But NEEEGH I need to at least know its type before I go over board or attempt to collect it. The custom plush is tempting me though and I'm bored.


Oh my gosh, the box got demolished!! I am so glad she arrived in one piece and there's no damage to her. Wow, I just have no words. I'm pretty disappointed in USPS. It looks like she could have fallen out at any time.

I'm glad she's safe and that you're happy with her! I still miss her! XD