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Shroomish Mad

For some odd reason, whenever I'm on the community/friends LJ's the comments don't appear. It just shows "73 Comments" and then nothing appears. D: I refresh and still nothing. Is this happening to anyone else? Its been doing this for the past couple days and its so annoying! I want to see if an item has been claimed in sales posts or just see what a member said in general. :/


I've had this problem too and someone recommended clearing your cache, which did end up working for me. Hopefully that helps :)
I did what you suggested and it really worked! :D Thanks a lot!
It does that for me on the standard LJ layout. What I've found (for some weird reason) is that it only does that as the page is loading. If you force the page to stop loading (obviously once the entry is loaded but the comments still have that spinning circle) everything should just appear fine.