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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 5.27.56 PMScreen shot 2013-06-23 at 5.28.02 PM

UUuuUUuugh!! I finally came across a Zigzagoon UFO plush on Y!J and had 3 members from the community come to me about splitting this lot. I figured we'd win it since we had a good max bid. ;A; It only went over our max by $65 bux. I would of paid that. Nuuuuuuu! It seems everyone wanted it for the Latios prize but I'd pay tons for the Zigzagoon. Whoever won it and just wanted it for the Latios PLEASE tell me! I am so disappointed. I was sooooo close and it had its TAGS!!! *sobs under computer desk*


Gosh that really sucks! ;_; Hopefully a Zigzagoon will show up for you again sometime soon!

I wish I knew who it was! I just wanna know ;-;