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Mienshao Pokedoll

AAAAAAAAAH! What a week! It's been so good yet small things keep happening to me. XD Like, Mickey Mouse Shorts premiere this week and I've gotten promoted to one of the key character designers. Yet I kept missing my bus this week, had a painful dentist appointment today, not getting the zigzagoon UFO and I felt slummy lately.....but but but! All this new pokemon goods!!! I don't care! Things are great right now. I love this.

I gotta get the Sylveon D prize. All the Vee's annnnnnd I really want the Char/Mewtwo/Whimsicott.... I had a feeling they would pick Mewtwo and Charizard but Whimiscott is a surprise. I'm really happy they added her since I collect certain figures for it. I'm just nervous I won't be around the claims. Now that I'm working longer and for most of day I'm scared I won't see it. I can only imagine what Pokecen has cooking for the movie release. What an exciting summer kickoff. Mickey Mouse and Pokemon~ <3333


congrats on the promotion!
I love hearing all the good news, makes me happy, hehe~

I really like that Sylveon D prize too, it's so adorable :D