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Emonga Conquest

Ugh! New wants are popping up every day until the movie comes out.

Noooooooo! Not another soapy I have to collect.....I'm STILL after the Emolga soapy. *eye twitch* I was there for the release and I waited patiently for SOMEONE to put one up for sale. And that was Emolga! A non Eeveelution pokemon. I'm so worried I won't get my hands on that Sylveon soapy....It's just.....SOAPYS!!!! Urg....Dang you soapys.

New Japan Mcdonald's toys too! :DDD It took me awhile to obtain all my Emolga toys. I hope this one comes to me easily. Or I hope people think of me when seeing it in a sales post or something. X3 I'm really happy it got another one. I'm curious what the pump does considering its an electric type.

I'm extremely happy to know they're coming out with a new Emolga kid as well. I gotta get that and the new Sylveon kid. c:

I'm hoping my hunt this summer will be exciting and enjoyable. XD There's a lot coming out this month and they don't seem to be stopping any time soon.


Gosh what a cute batch of the Soap Figures! Sylveon and Eevee are tempting. <.
Oh so tempting. I'm hoping someone will be doing pre-orders for these. ;3;