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Slaking Kong

I did it! I DID IT! I got everything I wanted in the Kyun Ichiban lotto this year! :DDDD

Here's my haul, It'll take a couple weeks to get to me.

I was even lucky enough to win the big prize. The Eevee/Pikachu Statue. I couldn't pass up the price it was going for on Ebay.

I am so STOKED. I'm really keeping up with all these Eevee promotions. I even got a hold of 9 blind bags of Soapys. I'm hoping to get one or two Sylveons in there.

The last few Sylveon items I need are these guys:

This one I haven't seen up for sale yet but I did see all the other kids in the set. Anyone know why? Or knows where to find it?

Now to post more Eevee stuff in my wants page. X_X So much stuff for them coming in Fall.


Oh my goodness that's great! =D So do you collect the eeveeloutions? I've never seen them on your collection site.

I wanted the full set of eeveloution pokedoll figures but all I could get was Eevee,Espeon & Vaporeon, and I can't find any of the rest either.

Really dissapointed. ;;
I've thought about it for awhile and did collect things for them here and there but after Sylveon came out I came to the conclusion to finally make a side bar tab for them on my website. With Sylveon being the major focus. :3 It's still in the works since I haven't had time to set it up.

I got all my goods from different sources, it was pretty hard but you just gotta be on the look out 24/7 x_x

congratulations! did you get them on Yahoo Japan auctions?
I adore the Eevee/Pikachu Statue, it's so going to be my grail!
I got a few pokedoll figures from sales posts on the comm, while the rest were all from different sellers on Ebay. I just watched tags like a hawk until I saw something. I'm sure you can find another statue on there if you look. :D