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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

So, the show I've been working on has finally premiered. I never really post anything about work since I had to keep it secret for so long and still think I have to. Even though it premiered a month ago already.  I've been doing character design on it for about a year now and I'm still at it. If you haven't seen these shorts circling around online be sure to give them a watch here.




I did a lot of Goofy's in this episode along with a lot of the ice cream scenes.


This one was really tedious but fun. I did all the baby carriages along with a bunch of Minnie and Mickey poses.


This one is one of my favs, I designed their outfits and did all the cuckoo birds.


This one was challenging but so worth the effort. I did trench coat and sumo Mickey, all the 8-bit scenes and the kiddies on the train.
I also have a cameo in this episode. Try to spot me!

These shorts get better and better on every aspect. Be sure to catch them on the Disney Channel.


I really enjoyed looking at these! I think it is SO COOL that your name is in the credits. I feel like I know someone famous. ^_^ I tried to find you in the last video but I couldn't spot you! Then again, the people only appeared ever so briefly.
I'm the red headed biker punk girl that Mickey runs into on the train. When his butt pops. It's a very exaggerated version but still really cool.
These were fun to watch! Thanks for sharing. ^_^