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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

I made these charms along with my Emonga figures but haven't posted them on the community since I'm waiting for an item.

A custom Vigoroth charm made by yours truly. He is perhaps the tiniest charm I've ever made. My camera had trouble taking pictures of it since it was so small. And it ate his color a smidge. I always wanted charms of the entire line and knowing that they were my first charms makes me love them even more.

I freakin' LOVE this charm, I thought it couldn't be done but here it is! My Slaking charm! Again, made by me. I knew exactly what I wanted to do when creating this and he came out just the right size. The details were so small to get just right, you cant tell, but I even gave him his boobs and gut but its hiding underneath his fluff collar. Probably my favorite charm I made, its just a pokemon you'd never expect as a charm. I'm in such a Slaking  hype since I've seen my grail. 83

Next time, the shrooms and art commissioners will be notified.


Nice work! I have to admit that I like your Slaking more. It must have been a challenge with his face, but it turned out great. C:

Do you paint your charms or use different color sculpeys? :O
Thanks! Yeah, the Vigoroth was SO tiny it was really hard to color ANY detail on him XD My hand was so shaky.

The Slaking is a tad bigger but not by much. Thanks! I love how the arms and legs came out X3

I paint all my figures, then glaze them. The glaze really make a difference but its harder to take pictures of the sculpts since their so shiny XD
Oh, I see. :3 Well, I couldn't tell that your hand was shaky, so in my opinion you did good! I have great respect for people who paint the details - I have a really bad tremble in my hand when I get nervous to paint. ;;

Jirachi used to have the same issue with taking pictures! If you're not already doing this, turn the flash off your camera and it will make it less shiny. C: