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Sylveon Soon

So, no one on the comm has helped me but maybe my awesome friends list would be able to give me some leads.

I'm looking for these few tiny items. If anyone would like to help me out and be my middleman, I'd appreciate it. I don't mind waiting on them either if you have a big parcel coming to ya. :3 I just want to make sure I can obtain them before they become harder to get.

I want to get a hold of these pan stickers and would be happy to get doubles if I can somehow.

This slap watch looks really cool, I keep seeing this float around.
And I know this is currently at the center, if anyone could lead me to this glittery item I'd appreciate it!


I have a parcel I'm getting clsoe to ready to ship from fromjapan I could tottally middleman most of those items for you if you'd like :)
Whoa! Yeah! Someone is already middleman-ing for all the pan stickers but I'd love to get a hold of the Glitter Emolga keychain/Sylveon slap watch :D
Well I've found the slap watch and its a buy it now for 13$ and with fees it'd come out to be about 16$ :)

I'll start searching for the Emolga keychain :D
:3 I'd pay that! Thank you! Did you find the keychain anywhere? And are you willing to get this?

Actually I'm the one bidding on that xD but if you want the watch just send 16$ to acidmimi@hotmail.com :) and I haven't had any luck with the other keychains so far but ill check again when I get home and let you know!