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Parappa Kick Punch

Oh man. Okay. So I thought long and hard. I frequently made pros and cons with myself why to buy/not buy one of these. I did a little research and said to myself....screw it.

So. I finally bought one. A Bernina 730e Embroidery Machine. It should get to me in a week.

I can't believe I finally did it. Im still in awe yet excited. I'm still not sure where to put it though, since I used to sew freehand this whole time. This means I won't be buying as much for the next few months too. Though, with the way September and October months go for merch, I THINK I'll be fine. Theres not much on my want list for upcoming merch. Unless they spring something on me last minute like they always do.

Anyway, I have a question for all my plush maker friends! What program do you use to create your own embroidery custom patterns? For Eyes ext. I would love to draw my own since I already have photoshop and a cintiq. What type of file would I have to save them as in order for them to work? Any free downloadable programs? Or anything specifically for a Bernina machine? I'm preparing myself beforehand. :> AUGH! I CAN'T WAIT!


Looks like a nice machine! I use Stitch Era Universal as my software, but I don't think it's available for new downloads. Unless you buy it.
I've heard people using that. How much do you think it costs now? I heard they decided to stop having it be free this year. Just my luck. X_X
Would I be able to use photoshop or hands on drawing with this program?
It's $1000 to buy the full version I believe. Definitely not cheap. You can make vectors in the program, if that's what you're asking. I normally make my vectors in photoshop and just import them into stitch era.
Yikes, after what I spent on the machine. I'm not sure I can fit that in my price range. X_X Is there a cheaper version of it and would it work on a mac? Thanks for answering all my questions.