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Oswald Red

So, a lot of new Oswald merch has emerged in Japan. I've waited a few months to see if any Japan sellers would put it on ebay. Nothin'. I come to my lovely friends list to ask for a middleman on these items. I'd love to purchase any of these and I'm willing to pay shipping. Whatever it takes to get them.


I'd like to get them all but mostly the statues and iPhone5 case. It is AMAZING. Though those plush look SO soft. ;3; Ooooh no, I want it al. I might as well get new Oswald stuff for my collection before XY come out. The next new promos have no one that I collect. Let me know if anyone wants to help so I can send the links! <3333

PS:Gin, I still owe you for the Shroomy coins. Give me a total, hun. <3333


I think I might be able to help you - since you're buying so much stuff, I could just get the whole box shipped straight to your address instead of mine :) What do you think?