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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Collection Site Launch!

So, we've got two weeks of waiting until XY come out in October. None of the new promotions have caught my eye and I'm doing pretty good with my Sylveon items lately. She only has a few items I need to get but they're easily obtainable. So I thought, what should I do until XY came out and I can finally pick my bundle of gen6 pokemon to collect? Well, I do have other collections I've been neglecting. I started looking for new merch for some and BAM. OSWALD. I've been a little rusty with my Oswald collecting. So after getting a plethora of new gets with the help of rocket_chick <333 I'm hyped. I've been getting everything from California Adventure but stuff for him only comes out once in a while there. Then I look on ebay to see if any Japan sellers are auctioning anything. Nope. Nothing really or its stuff I already have. Then, I thought. Lets check Y!J juuuust to see whats out there. Oh maaaaan, I hate how America doesn't get any of this. ;A; I mean, a rug, Ortensia stuff! New plush! I had to make a shopping spree for the little guy. And it felt so good. I missed hardcore collecting him. In my down time I finally came to the conclusion to make an Oswald collection site. :D

It's under construction but its pretty much set, I just need to take pictures of a few items. It has a page to learn more about Oswald, one about how Oswald Merch has progressed since getting his rights back and more about his gas station in California adventure. :D I know there are a few LJ friends and pkmncollectors who also collect him so please let me know if I'm missing anything or if you want to affiliate. <3

Check it out even if its not pokemon ^^;


AHH I may have just died from too much cute! XD I really like the about pages, they're super informative! Thank you for sharing this X3
Thank you! I'm glad people are looking at it. I wasn't sure if anyone was for awhile. XD I tried to add as much factual stuff to the website as I could. I'm still waiting on stuff so I can take more photos but I'm glad you had fun looking at it. :D

Btw, I saw a teeny tiny glimpse of your Oswald collection during your Eevee post. I was wondering if you could take a picture of it? :D I really wanted to take a closer look at it since I don't get to see too many collections of him. Do you have anything that I might not? If so, could I get pictures so I can put them in my wants page. <333
I'd take a picture for you, but it's typhoon season again. :( A lot of my stuff are in storage in case it floods ...and that includes the Oswalds. DX Here's a really bad picture from my old setup though:

I think the only things that aren't in your site are the 2 can badges, and the wooden puppet? I found both in Japan, so maybe they'll show up in Y!J sometime! I'll try to dig them up if you need clearer images.

*^* I look forward to seeing the other stuff you have on the way! I still wonder where I'm taking this collection because I just picked up things on a whim during my trip, and I like rabbits. XD I don't think I can try to be a completionist for a Disney character at all, but I know I definitely want that new fuzzy pastel-colored plush!
Ah! Wow! Yeah! I've been looking for a clearer photo of that puppet. Its in one of my promotion photos on the site but its so small. I'd love a clearer image for my want post if you ever dig em' out. The can badges are amazing too! I've never seen them before. :3

Haha, yeah. I want to do my best to get every "mayor" item for him. Mostly plush and figures but I try to get the unique items he gets. If I were to collect for any disney character as a completist it would be Oswald.

The fuzzy pastel plush is HUGE! He's a body pillow and he's extra floppy but really soft. If you have the space I say get him. :3 Just giving a warning that he's bigger than anything on your shelf.

I'll try to update here about what new items I get and when I update the site. :D Thanks again for sharing. <333
Whoa, did not know he had lots of merch, so Japan has more items of him? guess it's the same as my favorite Disney character "Stich".

I don't own any Oswald item (I do like him), but I almost ordered the D23 pin from Disney Movie Rewards, but decided to save the points.

EDIT: I like the apparel section.

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