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Breloom No!


I am currently cutting out ALL the illustration board for the awaiting art commission list, this may take awhile so be sure to get a PM from me later tonight/early tomorrow. I had to take care of some animation tasks before doing this round, so sorry for the bit of the wait. 


Check out these charms I made, they were created along with my Emonga's and Sloth's. I will post these in a collection update but Im STILL waiting on a couple items.

I just had to make a figure of the happy Shroomish image. I just
HAD to. This charm came out great! I had no trouble creating his ridges and I love his little uppy flaps X3 I'm so glad to add these customs to my collection, I've been wanting charms for them for a really long time.

Another charm I've been dying to own! Hes just so cute and extremely tiny! It was hard to get all his detail in there. The tail was hard to construct since I didnt want to bend it while putting the four balls on the tip. I had to paint his neck flaps over his body since they wouldnt look right with clay. I even made the lines underneath his shroom hat but their not visible. I love my little Loom charm.