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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


I turned my system off, took out the SD card, turned my system back on, put my SD card back in and started my game. It worked! What a heart attack. I can't believe it. I flew outta there in an instant after I saw the buildings were back. ;A; *gross sobbing* Still! This is a warning for everyone. Sometimes doing this trick doesn't work and will result in a full reset. Be careful and thanks for the help!

I just got my X version only to have it glitch my entire game around the 5th badge!
I was about to battle the electric gym leader, I thought I'd save it and play tomorrow. I woke up today and BAM. My avatar was frozen, I couldn't touch anything on my touch screen and I have to physically turn it off......

Here's a picture of my screen, I saved near the cafe I think. There are no buildings and no textures. I have a physical copy of the game.


I don't know what to do....I guess its happening to everyone.....

Here's an article and video of other people getting the glitch!


Do NOT save in Lumiose city, try saving in doors or out of the city.

I don't want to lose everything in my game....I've already put 17 hours into it and just got Sylveon. ;A;

Can anyone help?

I'm so bummed....

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That REALLY sucks!! I hope you can somehow recover your save file!! 17 hours into a game is so much work! ;A;
Yeah, its really bad. I heard its happening to people with the digital and physical copy. :C Nintendo is trying to make some sort of patch but the only option until they do is reset my game. I'm just warning people now.
Wow, sorry your game got glitched. Thank you for sharing the article. Hopefully, a patch will come soon!
I hope so, do you think I should wait on reseting my game? :O I can't find anything about fixing it.
Honestly, I have no clue? Wish I could be of more help, I'd hate for you to lose all that progress. This is actually the first time I have heard of the bug.

Also, sounds like it isn't in every copy. I mentioned the bug on Facebook and some said they have saved without any issues.
I think a lot of others have had this problem, I've seen a link on FB already about how you shouldn't be saving in Luminose city. Hopefully they figure out a solution to this, but you're definitely not alone - seems like a strange thing to happen, it's never occurred to me in Pokemon before, and I've played every game since RBY.
Bah! Yeah I've seen the posts. I just want to know if I should hold off until they figure it out or find a solution or just reset the game...I've never had a bug with any of my games...ever.
Tumblr post about it said:

"EDIT: There’s a possible fix. Apparently, you turn off the system, pop the SD card, replace it, then turn it back on and go back to playing. Still be careful."

I am lucky I never saved there,that's awful. :C
So, I start it up with another SD card that isn't mine? Then start the game? :O
I think by replace they just mean take it out then put it back in again, let me know if that works. c:
ohno! that's terrible D:
don't reset yet, I'm sure there are ways to fix this!

I don't have the game (yet), but thanks for the warning! I hope shadoweon's method works!