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Breloom Shiny Sprite

Been grinding through XY, I think my favorite thing right now is Friend Safari hunting. I need more FC's so anyone on my LJ friends list who hasn't already given me their code......gimme. I need one with the starter evos.

I've beaten the E4 awhile ago but have yet to get Mewtwo or the other legendary, why? Because poke-amie, super training, wonder trade and friend safari are so damn addicting.

I haven't gotten any shinys throughout my journey...until I went to the safari zone.

Here's what I have so far:

My first was this guy, I was aiming for a Noibat. ;3; But he's still cool. I just wish you didn't get one for free in BW2. It took me 565 encounters.

This is my first kalos pokemon shiny. So happy to have gotten him. He looks so cool in red. The fishing method is easier than poke radar but a little boring in comparison. I just really like poke radar though. I want a shiny skerlp if anyone wants to trade. I have two lol

This guy came to me after a few casts. I didn't know about fish chaining when I got him. So he was a surprise. I was just randomly fishing for a Staryu.

This one is my favorite so far. ;3; Since its actually the one I was hunting for. He was in a fairy safari along with Floette and Jigglypuff and I would of thrown my DS out the window if I saw Jigglypuffs big green eyes. But nope! I was lucky! I used a Pikachu with Static for him since he was the only electric in the safari. Worked like a charm. He took the longest to get with 1,762 encounters. X-X


Soon after Dedenne, this guy shows up while fishing for a Chinchou. Now I'll have a shiny Octillery with suction cups to help me chain fish. <3 I might use pikachu with Static to try my luck with a shiny Chinchou later.

And lastly, this morning this guy shows up. I was hunting for a shiny Pumpkiboo in friend safari but I had a feeling I'd get this instead. Still very pretty and I never had a shiny one before. It took a measly 241 encounters to get.

At first, I thought my game was a dud since I didn't get a shiny while playing through the game but man, was I wrong.

I'm currently in a fire safari on the hunt for a shiny Pyroar but I have a feeling I'll end up with a Growlithe. Though, I wouldn't mind that.

What I want to get in the future:
Shiny Noibat***, Pumpkiboo, Hawlucha, Eevee, Starters?, Absol, Breloom

How's everyone's games coming along? Caught any shinys? Please share!

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;c;! So many shinies~
I am so jealous of everyone and their shinies!! I need to get one myself - are the chances just higher or something this gen?
When you mention "565 encounters" is that you counting the number of times you encountered them in the wild with a radar, or just regularly?

I'm super addicted to Noibat and Pumpkiboo myself. :D
Thankfully not everything was leaked, because Hawlucha was one of the Pokemon I didn't know about, among a few others.

I'm not super far in the game or anything but I totally will be soon at the rate I'm playing (as of yesterday).
Yeah, in the safari your chances are higher since you only see 2 pokemon sometimes 3 in there. Instead of the usual 5 or so. I count all the pokemon I encounter until a shiny shows up but the number count is always different. It could be 200-1000+

With pokeradar you only need to chain around 40 encounters but its a little harder even though the numbers are lower. :>

I'm just a shiny nut and love hunting for them. XD The'yre so many tricks I just want to try them all.
That sounds pretty neat, but aren't the pokemon also so much harder to catch in the Safari Zone with the chance of fleeing? I would be so so upset if I encountered a shiny and it just ran. :P
Better than no chance at all though, I guess.

Oh neat - does that mean the radar is still good? I basically spent 600+ hours chaining in Pearl lol.

I need to explore these new tricks, I don't think I've been keeping up with these kinds of things since gen 4!

Btw my FC is 0748-2521-3677! What is yours?

Edited at 2013-10-25 02:41 am (UTC)
Friend Safari is different, its a ranch with 2-3 different pokemon depending on who's FC you have. You can use your own balls in there and its unlimited time. It's a lot of fun. :D

The radar is pretty much the same with a few tiny alterations.

I've added ya!

TARA: 4296-2993-1336
Here is my FC:


Let me know yours and I'll add you back. I'm only up to my 3rd badge, so I don't know what I'll give you in the safari?
TARA: 4296-2993-1336

Awesome! Here's mine.

I think it randomly chooses what your safari will have so either way, it should be something good/something I don't have. ^-^
Cool beans, you've been added. Can't wait to get to the safari myself. It would be nice if I could catch a Purugly...;)
I got a shiny ditto in the Pokemon Village last night! ^^

First shiny in all the years of playing the games (not including events/red gyrados).


Ps-Do you know what my friend safari pokemon are? I have no idea.

Edited at 2013-10-25 03:04 am (UTC)
Wow! That's a great shiny to have! Especially for breeding! Great shiny!
Is it? I thought breeding a shiny pokemon didn't get increase the chances of hatching a shiny,unfortunately?

I've been using a Japanese Ditto for breeding but no shinies have come from that either so far.

Edited at 2013-10-25 09:46 pm (UTC)
Oh! I found out your safari is ROCK and possesses Crustle and Pupitar. I haven't ran into the third one yet.
Oh,thanks for letting me know! I don't have a Crustle yet in any of the games that I have. D:
Yea, I'd totally love to exchange codes with you! I haven't beaten the E4 yet nor caught any shiny's, but I plan to look for a few shiny's a bit later on anyways.

My FC is... 0963-0160-9510. I'll go find your code and add you right away, I know it was posted on DA. OvO

In case you didn't find mine here it is. ^0^

TARA: 4296-2993-1336
Oh my, what a lot of shinies! :0 I love clawncher, he looks brilliant. The only shiny I've gotten was a Farfetch'd, who a found barely 2 hours into the game! Although...it's kinda hard to tell he's shiny, heh. It's so subtle on him. Still, the little duck is a fave, so no complaints there.

Do you....like the look of shiny noibat/noivern? I was kinda disappointed at the particular shade of green they go...purple is so much better ;-;

Sigh, friends codes. I'll have to wait until my wi-fi dongle arrives before I can go shiny hunting, although the BF's friend code gave me growlithes and charmeleons, so no complaints there!
Still cool! I wish I found one while playing the main story line.

I really like Noibat BECAUSE he's purple. X3 But the greenish blue color has grown on me. I really do like the purple too.

Okay! Well, when you get to it, here's mine for now.
TARA: 4296-2993-1336
I found a shiny Masquerain in the friend safari. xD
OMG you are so hardcore *_*

I thought we were friends already on 3ds but now I am not sure :S

1005 8854 3031 Charlotte
Whoop! I guess we weren't but I added you and you popped up. c:

And yeah, all I do is shiny hunt. XD I'm just so happy pokeradar is back.