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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

So after playing my X version here is what my team ended up looking.

My X team:

I usually decide on collections while playing. I like a Pokemon more once its on my team, how it battles, the design ext.  So that's when I truly know if I've fallen in love.

I'm still on the fence who will deserve a spot with Sylveon as a Gen6 collection on my site....

Yes, I couldn't decide on who my gen6 starter should be so I soft reset my Y version to have all three. This is the first time since 2nd gen and 3rd gen that I like all three starter lines. I like them more than a lot of the new pokemon for their type unlike the past gens. Froakie line is probably my favorite water type this gen which is a shocker. Though, a few types didn't have that many new ones to choose from. Even though I reeeeally like the starters I'm not sure if I want to go so far as to hardcore collect any of them. It would be too overwhelming. So, pokedolls, kids and tomys for me. Sorry starters but as much as I love you guys small things here and there is whats best for me.  Helioptile is cool, I like him more than his evo but again, I'm not sure if I want to hardcore collect him....hmmmm.


The only candidate from my first play through miiiiight be Hawlucha. When he was leaked I really liked him and I was hoping he was legit, when I caught him I knew he'd be on my team for the rest of the game. I don't know what's up with me, I never really liked fighting types but then there's Breloom and Mienshao....now this guy. He's just so cool, I'm not much of a bird lover but he's so oddly proportioned that I like him more since he's not entirely bird looking. He seems like a pokemon who might not get a lot of merch but I'd be okay with that as long as he got a few figures and a plush. I think I might put a new collection tab up......hmmmm.

 I'll be playing through my Y version soon, seeing if I'd want to collect anyone else. Here's my supposed team for Y, though its a little unbalanced....with two many dragon type pokemon I want to use. Talonflame is there if I want to switch out Noivern for another dragon.

My choices for my Y team:




Out of these, I'm really feeling Noibat and his evo and may consider collecting them but only time will tell once I play the game. I adore the pumpkin line a lot and ever since I caught that shiny Dedenne he has grown on me...though I hoped he wouldn't considering I already collect an electric rodent, Emolga.

SO me thinks there will be a Hawlucha tab in the future to go along with Sylveon and Mega Absol!

With Noivern line, Pumpkin line and Dedenne being put through the test. Who knows, maybe one of the others will win me over.

I'm surprised, I usually only have 2-3 new collections for each gen but even though this gen has only 70 new pokemon I really like a ton of them.

Who have you decided to collect from this gen?


YESS! HAWLUCHA! this Pokemon is gonna be my main gen 6 collection so I approve of this post :D

I also plan on side collecting Clawitzer, Heliolisk, Avalugg and Greninja. Maybe Talonflame too cause she was a big help in the game... But so far Hawlucha is my fave :3
Unique!! I don't have the game myself yet, but I hear good things about Hawlucha. <33

Easily I'm collecting the squids and the pumpkins! Those two were on the top of my list since I've been young, I literally screamed when both were revealed (I really want a Pumpkaboo plush)!!

Other than that, I'm going for both Dedenne and Xerneas, I think. Dedenne for sure, Xerneas I'm wary about but...I think if I go for it on a smaller scale than my otters, I could do it. <3