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Hawlucha Shiny Laugh

So yesterday I ran into this cutie while hunting for a Pyroar Male.
He's adorable. ;3; I've always loved shiny Growlithe and Arcanine.

Then, I thought it was about time I hunted for some of my favorites, Eevee and Hawlucha are in the same area so I'd be pretty happy if I got either. (Wants shiny Sylveon) After many many encounters, I DID IT! I found this beautiful baby. ;3; Look at her! Hawlucha's shiny is AMAZING!!! I've made up my mind that all my normal Hawlucha's will be boys and all my shinys will be girls. <333 I can't wait to paint a shiny kid. And I know for a fact I want to make matching pokedolls of the two. ;3; I'm so happy to have this in my game. I'm falling more and more in love with this bird. Aaaaah!


I'm currently on the hunt in a fighting safari for a shiny Pancham or Mienfoo, either one I'd be pretty happy about.
Then, my third attempt at a Noibat (Ended up with another shiny Fraxure) then my second attempt at getting a shiny Pumpkiboo.
Wheeeeee! XY are taking over my free time!


what a pretty pretty bird ;_; I spent a few hours trying to chain Hawlucha without any success in the last few days, hope to soon be as lucky as you soon!

are you gonna commission the plushies or make them yourself? i actually am getting a plush of at least a normal hawlucha, but seeing how pretty the shiny is I might try and get matching ones too...
You'll find one! It just takes a lot of patience and time. His grass area is really small so it took a little longer.

I'll probably commission them from someone rather than make them myself. I hope he gets something besides an MPC plush. ;3;
I'm sort of not expecting Hawlucha to get much merch but we could be surprised... what if he gets a whole promotion?? just the thought of something like it is amazing!

And I can't wait to see the plushies you'll commission! I will be sure to post pictures of mine when I eventually get it, too :D
training hawlucha too, am i cool too :D mine is named thorin!
I really hope so, he seems like a wild card who COULD get/be a part of some type of promotion. I'll be sure to post photos when they get made, I'm not sure if I should hold out on a pokedoll for him or not. It would be amazing if he got an official.
Wow,shiny Hawklucha is really pretty -it reminds me of a parrot almost.

I kind of wish that was the regular coloration actually. X3

Congrats on your new pokemon!