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Absol Walky

Shiny XY Adventures continue.....

So my shiny hunt for my favs on XY are nearly complete. First, I started fishing again and nabbed these two beauties.

photo-1 copyphoto-2 copy

I'm going to try and fish for every possible shiny you can fish for. Eventually.

Then, I decided since It already took two tries in the friend safari to get a shiny Noibat (both attempts failed with two shiny Fraxures) I thought I'd give the MM method a try. I've never really done it before but I really wanted to get my bat once in for all. Then nine eggs later....

photo 3
I couldn't believe it. All that time wasted in the safari only to get this in only NINE eggs! He is gorgeous. ;3; I'm so happy to have hatched him. I got hyped and decided to try my luck with a shiny Eevee hoping it would take the same amount of eggs to get. ;A; Nope. I started with one box, nothing. Then two. Then 6. Then 10. I decided to take a break from hatching eggs and try my luck with a friend safari since someone I knew had one and they finally defeated the E4.

My first attempt wasn't long. With only 212 encounters...

photo 2-1
Nooo! I almost didn't see him! I almost pressed the run button! o_o No eevee this time, I'll try again tomorrow.

I then gave it another try, this time taking most of the day with over 850+ encounters.....but once again....I got a shiny Dunsparce who I forgot to take a picture of.
Baaaah! SO CLOSE this time. I was a little irked so I decided to take another break.

I was tired of looking at countless Dunsparce, Kekleon and Eevee so I went into another Safari to try my luck on someone else.

photo 1-1
A few encounters later, THIS GUY!!! EEEEE! I felt so fulfilled and pleased after a hard days work of no Eevee. Right before bed this guy greeted me. I think its average size? Or large. I'm not sure yet. Still not ready to go back into the normal safari so the next day I tried a psychic one.

My odds were slim since there were already three pokemon in it. Girafirig, Drowzee and my target, Espurr. It was Halloween night and I was currently watching the movie Halloween when I found:

photo 2
After 1,000+ encounters... eeeeeeee! It's a girl but I'm more fond of the male. Though, I'm just happy I ended up with the one I was hunting for this time around. I was surprised I didn't end up with a blue girafirig or a purple Drowzee.

After my success I decided to try my luck ONE more time for an Eevee. If I could get an Espurr in a safari of three maybe I could get Eevee.

It took all yesterday morning and in half the time of all my normal safari hunts combined....it shined:

photo copy

;A; *sobs* Its exactly what I wanted. It has a good nature and its male which I wanted. Now I can finally have a male Shiny Sylveon. All my shiny Sylveon customs will be male and based off this shiny while all my pink Sylveons will be based on my female Sylveon. Guuuh! This took so much work but I'm soooo haaaappy! I'm going to keep it an Eevee awhile.

The post game stuff in XY is sorta boring. I haven't caught Mewtwo or the legendaries because I feel thats all I have left to do besides shiny hunt...I might actually start up my Y version soon. I already have 15 shinys in this game I might as well play the other version with a new team.

How's everyone's XY adventures?


Only 9 eggs?! I have bred over 200 purple kittehs and nothing. I'm ready to bang my head against the wall. It is as if shiny Purrloin doesn't exist...;_;

Though, congrats on all your awesome shiny gets. I have not even had a random wild encounter with one yet. Guess I just need to try harder?! :3
Yeah, its so random. I've had 10 boxes of Eevee's with no luck right after the Noibat. It just takes time. ^^
Time, well I have plenty of that to spare....:D

If this next set of 35 Purrloin eggs doesn't produce a shiny, then I will switch to breeding for a shiny Zard...;)
Don't give up on the kitty! People getting a shiny ranges from 8 to 100 to 1,000 eggs. Its a lot but you already have a good start.
I did give up on my kitty tonight and switched gears. After 16 eggs, I got this cutie:

 photo Charcoal-2_zpsa9ebc552.jpg

 photo Charcoal_zps4417f99c.jpg

Now it is back to kittehs, LOL!! :D

Edited at 2013-11-05 04:37 am (UTC)
aaaah congrats on all of these new shinies! shiny noibat is particularly cute ;w; and of course, a shiny eevee is always nice to get!!! he's gonna be a very pretty sylveon.

shiny hunting in friend safaris is the most relaxing method, for me at least (even if i only have one shiny from them so far). i wish my currently most wanted shiny was possible to find in friend safaris, but no, of course you can only find heatmor in the wild :( my roomie has been trying the masuda method for growlithe without any luck so far which discouraged me from trying it for heatmor, but seeing your luck with noibat i might as well try...
My favorite color is purple but that shiny Noibat is just amazing not to love. I'm still debating if I want to evolve him just for the fact that Noibat looks so cute in that color.

You should try for a Heatmor using the egg method. I say you have a chance of getting one within 9,100, 1,000 eggs. It's a lot but it seems a little easier than past gens to get one by egg.

I LOVE shiny hunting in friend safari, I feel like I'm not wasting time, I can easily watch a movie or work and swivel my keypad once in a while. I just have to look out for off colors and thats pretty easy since I usually know what colors my targets are.

Before this, I loved poke radar but you really have to pay attention and its time consuming. While with FS its simple, two pokemon you run into until you see a shiny. You can run or catch or whatever. I love it. And every hunt has been successful no matter what safari I've been in.

I'm currently hunting for my favorite, Breloom in a safari. No Slakoth in this game though. ;3;