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Hawlucha Shiny Laugh





Oh my god. They came out just.....Perfect. I can't get over them. They followed my pattern turnaround perfectly. I'm so amazed and beyond excited!
AAAAAAAAAAAAH! My birds! My first piece of merch for my birds! ;3; I love them so much! My boy and my girl shiny <3 I'm in love. I'm so excited to see what she does with my shiny Sylveon. <333


First "OFFICIAL" merch for him. <33333

Okay, back to swooning over my plush. *u*


Aaaah, congrats, they came out so cute!

I'm excited for that clearfile too <333
Wow, who made those plush if you do not mind me asking?!
They're name is D215LAB. :D They're amazing!
Thanks, someone in the community posted a plush they got by the same artist. Hopefully, I will have some extra $$$ when they open for commissions again...;)

I finally got my shiny Purrloin too!! :D
I already have a big Sylveon made by them and its amazing! Definitely get one from them in the future. The quality is incredibly well done.

And aw! Yay! That's great! How many eggs did it take this time? Take photos!
I'll start setting aside some money. Luckily, it doesn't look like they will be opening commissions again soon. That will give me plenty of time to save...;)

It took me over 700 eggs to get a shiny Espurr. Purrloin on the other hand only took about 120 eggs when I tried again. I've got pics posted here on LJ:



Now I am trying to make a Purrloin with 6 perfect IVs. I already have a Helioptile and Espurr (both male and female).

I saw those on dA! Those are seriously gorgeous plushies. I would love to commission that girl someday.


Hi I saw the skarmory plushie you did and I'm desperate to get my hands on one. My sister has been after a skarmory plush for years now and she's nevers found one she likes. However she loves this one but she couldn't contact you! If there's any way you could take time out of your day to make one for me I'd be so grateful. I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to ask this here but I'm not sure what else to do and her birthday's in two moths and she's so hard to buy for! If you could email me at duckies9909@gmail.com please!