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Emolga Pokedoll


First of all, NEW EMOLGA CARDS! LOOOOOOK! I was happy enough with the shiny collection full art card but now he gets (serious kick your butt art card) and an EX card! I can't wait to get these! I just like seeing Emolga get new merch since his merch is scarce now.

Second, more shiny coverage! It's been a long time since I last updated.

Fish chaining:
I chain fish in between hunts. I'm trying to fish for every shiny fish you can fish for. *Mouth full* These guys are my favorite from the selection but I took my sweet time getting them. I couldn't even tell Chinchou was shiny when I saw it.

image-3 copyimage-1image-1 copyimage
I've been breeding for good natures and shinys. My little ice dino came to me by accident. I just really wanted a female and then poof! White! The Ralts is a female! So Mega shiny! The one I was after for ages was Shroomish. I tried my luck at getting him in the friend safari but I ended up with a shiny Meditite and a shiny Pancham. Then I went to the MM method and got him within the fifth box of eggs. *u* I'm really excited to FINALLY have one of my main pokemon in shiny form for XY. The

image-9image-7image-2 copyimage-5image-41image-6image-11image-8image-10
I spend most of my time in the friend safari. Usually when I'm watching a movie or in the car. I tried my luck at a Braxien safari and ended up with a female Pyroar. It was my second choice but If only it was male. Then I tried again and got Marcargo. I decided to take a break from the fox. While looking in a new bird safari Xatu decided to shine randomly. Then I went to try for a shiny Quilladin. First phase, shiny Oddish....second phase ANOTHER shiny Oddish.  I evolved one into a Bellossom and the other will be a Vileplume (haven't gotten a stone for it yet) During the third phase Quilladin sparkled. I ADORE him. My first shiny starter in XY. After that I tried my luck for a shiny Absol. First phase, shiny Sneasel. I was bummed it was a girl. Second phase, another shiny Sneasel. This time, a male! Third phase, shiny Pawniard. ;3; I again took a break from that safari and went into an electric one for my chance to get a shiny Pikachu, which I ended with a Pachirisu. I'm currently still on the hunt for shiny Pikachu. :3 And egg breeding for a shiny charmander.

I'm so addicted to shiny hunting but I've bred my Y team and I feel like I might start that version soon which should be fun considering I'm using a completely new team. Second round of shinys next time!


I also want those Emolga cards. I have been thinking in the TCG Megas evolve from EX so what if this means that...Mega Emolga for the next gen :)