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Breloom Rave Punch

So my THIRD box of XY collection coins came in the mail today, I thought I had a good feeling about this one. The first box contained a gold Chespin and Inkay, the second possessed a gold Xerneas and Pikachu. Then I opened my third box- Come ooooooon Gold Sylveon. I need you, where are you!? And you want to know what I got? :/ ANOTHER BOX WITH A GOLD XERNEAS AND GOLD PIKACHU!!!! AUUUUUUUUUGH! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

I don't know if I should try again, Its going to be hard as it is to sell the three boxes I have. Let alone two gold pikachu coins. X<

I'm just hoping someone will find a gold Sylveon and auction it up. I paid about $300 bucks just to complete my XY metal figure Sylveon set. X_X
I just want this stupid coin. Someone offer it to me so I don't have to clean my bank account for it online. I hate hate hate blind boxes, why must Sylveon be a part of them?! I'm done with this set. I guess I have to try my luck at those new Kid figure sets with the blind can badges. I want the Sylveon badge from it obviously.


Blind boxes are so terrible. :( I feel you. <3 All of my favorite pokemon keep havign blind packaged things and it's so terrible. I can only imagine the woes of an eeveelu collector.
I've been so tempted by a few of those coins, so if you're going to post the new batch for sale soon, I may grab a few, which will hopefully help you out. >3<
Hope you find one!
I am so sorry. ;A; The coins and metal figures are easily THE biggest pain in the ass to work with ever, even when you can just buy boxes like this! It took me at least a month to find my Oshawott way back when...

I do want to help though, so if I see these I'll probably buy them to see if I can't get you a gold sylvie. ;-; It's the least I could do, you helped me with mine. <3

(BTW fro mthat $300 in metal figures...did you have any extra Xerneas? I'd be willing to take them off your hands, if you do. <3)
Do you happen to have any spare Noivern? I'd be happy to buy one (or more if there are more colors) from you!

I see these sort of coins pop up on auction now and then, so I'll keep a lookout for your gold Sylveon. I myself spent a lot of money to get the gold Dialga..and then it popped up on the comm for $1 less than a week later.
A friend gave me the regular Noivern coin so I no longer need him, but I'm still interested in the golden one if you ever see one!