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Slakoth Om Nom Nom

I've been breeding Slakoth eggs the past few days to trade over on GTS. I'm currently trying to complete my national pokedex. During the process I was hoping for at least one shiny Slakoth. The last egg of the night ended up being this little cutie! :D I was so thrilled. I don't have too many shinys by egg so its always a surprise when I see them.

Here she is! I know I want more shiny Slakoth to get the whole line. Its just amazing to see Slakoth in XY and being able to play and pet them. X3 Seeing him move in 3D is so fun. I think I'm the first person on tumblr to get one. I haven't seen any Slakoth featured online yet a shiny one. Tell me if I'm wrong.

I now have every Pokemon in the pokedex BESIDES the legendaries. I reeeeeeeeally want a shiny charm but don't care to collect all the legendaries.
Is there any one out there on my FL who is willing to trade me legendaries for their entries and then have me trade them back to you?
I just want the entries since all I do is shiny hunt. I would not take them and run or do anything like that. I just want the charm for future hunts and MM hatching. If you have the time let me know! I have a bunch of Slakoth if you need them.

I'm not sure what my next hunt will be but I want to try the poke radar again. I'm rusty and unsure if anything has changed for it in XY but I used to be a pro when on diamond and pearl.

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Congrats on your new shiny! :D

Do you happen to have a Jirachi? I think it is the only legendary I don't have, so I'd be happy to dex-trade another legendary for one.
Thank you! I'm so happy to have both a shiny Slakoth and Shroomish in this game. X3

I'd love to trade but I have all the pokemon BUT the legendaries. ^^; So, I don't have a Jirachi yet unfortunately. I'm after the entries.