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Slaking Grail

After a few years of searching......its finally mine! ;A;

Just look at that face!


I have so many stories and hardships about this plush. Which I know I'll go into detail when I get it and make a collection post.

I just....it took so long and I've lost this guy multiple times and I thought I'd never get him. I'm so happy I was patient because it really paid off. I got this guy for a steal since it was a nice Japanese seller and they usually put out reasonable prices. It's in good condition, it has its string and its tush tag. I just can't believe I finally have him. I'm sure I'll be rambling when I make the collection update.



So happy for you! :D
I remember that fiasco with the first one you almost got.. I'm glad he's finally yours!
Oh my!!! Congrats, I know you've wanted him for so long, I expect to see a lot of pics when you get him :D
Oh goodness you finally got one! Congrats.^_^