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Furret Pokedoll Pink

Guess who had free time to sew......

I'll be having another plush auction sometime soon~ Maybe with 2-3 new plush.
My shiny Sylveon has been helping me.


Nice :)
Shiny Helioptile...:D
In the future I'll be making a shiny Heliolisk later down the line. c:
Oh, I can't wait to see it! Sadly, I will only be able to admire your Heliolisk plush via online pics. I just don't have the money to invest in custom plush. I seem to have a curse when ti comes to custom plush too. The last plush I commissioned has gone M.I.A thanks to USPS...:\
I'm thrilled to see what else you're gonna make! That shiny helioptile is so cute.
wow!! *W*
This shiny Sylveon is bleedin' amazing! SO WELL DONE!
O__O <3
If you ever want to trade, let me know!

Also, the link you sent to your Sylveon collection didn't work! :(
Aw, it didn't? Darn it. I thought i put the url in right. Well, I'm sure you can find a link to my collection site somewhere here on my LJ. ^^
I did indeed! What an extensive collection! When you thought it was going to end, it just kept on going! :D
Lovely! <3

By the way, do you by any chance need anymore these sloths? :o
Their in my trades, and I have no need for them!